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GMS is a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of services.

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Get Multi Solution need to make your business grow. Let us take the responsibility and help you with all our skills and aptitudes to increase your profitability and visibility. We have worked with our clients on national and international level to assist them accomplish their maximum business potential with the assistance of compelling design.

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About Get Multi Solution

 Get Multi Solution (GMS) is a multi-national company that provides premium digital services for businesses worldwide. We Help Achieve Biggest Goals We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.


In order to meet your desired business goals, you need a partner that understands your expectations from your business and a professional who strategizes your digital appearance accordingly. From designing a creative logo according to your brief to managing your digital appearances, we do it all for you.


Meet GMS Founders

Syed Rabi Ali
Co-Founder & CEO
Syed Navil AHmed
Founder & COO
Co-Founder & CEO

Syed Rabi Ali

Syed Rabi Ali is a renowned business leader and one of the world's top entrepreneurs. Syed Rabi Ali has established himself as one of the top business executives in the world. He has been cited as the Elon Musk of Pakistan’, a reference to his incredible achievements as an IT entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Get Multi Solution, he has achieved a remarkable level of success at a young age. His innovative approach has earned him worldwide recognition and admiration. With a passion for pushing boundaries and inspiring others, Syed Rabi Ali continues to be a leading figure in the business world.

Syed Navil Ahmed Founder of Get Multi Solution (GMS)
Founder & COO

Syed Navil Ahmed

Syed Navil Ahmed is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman from Pakistan. He has innovated several successful businesses and has gained a character as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. frequently appertained to as the Bernard Arnault of Pakistan, Syed Navil Ahmed has inspired numerous aspiring entrepreneurs in the region.

Syed Navil Ahmed’s entrepreneurial trip began with the founding of his first business, a software development company, in the early 2022s. He snappily realized the eventuality of the technology assiduity in Pakistan. He set up several other successful businesses, including a digital marketing agency, an e-commerce platform, and a event solutions company.


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